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50 minute, functional training, full of energy, motivation, and guidance in performing correct technique by our qualified trainers. No more struggling for motivation, you will love the vibe of our group classes and even more the music!

Our classes include high intensity cardio, resistance machines, body weight exercises, free weights and boxing. Classes run Monday - Saturday, morning & night, with an alternating class schedule. 

RIP: High Intensity cardio classes, using a variety of equipment and body weight exercises which will get your heart rate up and your metabolism racing for the rest of the day. All RIP classes are designed to burn fat and increase fitness levels.

LIFT: Controlled, technically driven, weight based exercises, using a range of free weights and machines to increase body strength and muscle endurance.

RIP & LIFT: A combination of high intensity cardio and weight based exercises to provide the ultimate full body workout. 


BOXING: Fat shredding boxing classes, using body weight and body momentum to gain cardio endurance and maximise fitness levels. 



Feeling as though you are not making any progress? Wanting to take your training to the next level? Need to make healthier life changes? 


At SPARC-UP Fitness our primary objective is for YOU to reach your healthy lifestyle goals and feel great about yourself. Whether it be a one on one session, or you and a friend wish to buddy up, at SPARC-UP Fitness we promise that the journey you will experience will be motivational, educational and you’ll be provided with all the necessary tools to achieve the results in which you desire. 


Our Head Trainer, Ryan focuses on helping clients overcome obstacles and achieve goals which were once thought to be unimaginable. Ryan has the prowess to identify when individuals have reached their limits, ensuring the exercise is controlled and safe. Clients will be educated on how to create healthy habits and live a healthier lifestyle. 


Every client will also be provided with personalised training programs, enabling them to continue their training at home. 



- Clients are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to their start time 

- A cardio based warmup is encouraged to ensure that your body is ready for the entire session 

- We offer 40minute and 1 hour sessions 

- Please bring a towel and drink bottle. 

Also don’t plan anything afterwards, as we recommend a cool down and stretching. 


When you buy a 10 session package, your first personal training session will be FREE. 


We at SPARC-UP Fitness look forward to helping you reach your potential and start this journey to a healthier and happier life



SPARC-UP Fitness offers a variety of group training programs that are designed to improve individual fitness, as well as developing a positive team dynamic and culture.


Head trainer, Ryan has extensive experience and involvement in coaching and participation in team sports. This experience has given him a vast knowledge and understanding of exactly what a team should gain from group training and how to get the most out of each individual.


By training at SPARC-UP Fitness your team will:

• Develop strength, agility and cardiovascular endurance

• Improve team working skills

• Build resilience

• Promote the importance of leadership within a team

• Take you out of your comfort zone

• Have fun and partake in a team bonding experience

SPARC-UP Fitness has the ability to cater for 44 people for a group training session. Contact us today and we’ll help take your team to the next level.



Here at SPARC-UP Fitness we are here for you every step of the way. We are committed to assisting you through every phase of your rehabilitation, while also ensuring that you have a support network you know and trust.


Located directly below our studio is the Sports and Arthritis Clinic ( SPARC is a collaboration of specialist sport and exercise physicians and select allied health practitioners, who provide world-class sports and activity related musculoskeletal care.


SPARC offers expert integration with a multi-disciplinary team, which includes:

• Sports and Exercise Physicians

• Sports and General Podiatry

• Specialist Physiotherapy

• Sports Dietician

• Chiropractic Care

• Massage Therapy


Head Trainer, Ryan works closely with the SPARC team ensuring your rehabilitation is of the highest standard. Our aim is to get you back to your chosen sport/lifestyle in a safe, convenient and motivational manner.